Our 2012/2013 Curriculum

Ok here's the official lineup. We did not purchase MFW again this year for a couple of reasons. Primarily we couldn't afford it. Also for high school my son felt the religious aspect was too far from our beliefs.( we are Latter Day Saints ) We have gone back to a primarily classical education with a touch of Charlotte mason mixed in for the four older kids. The two younger kids will be sticking with MFW.

 WEYLIN 10th grade
 Analytical Grammar season 2 &3
 Saxon Algebra II with dive CDs
Apologia Chemistry... Yes chemistry in a trailer,what could go wrong?
 History Odyssey Middle Ages
Spanish I
A hodge podge of writing books
Practical Drafting
 Mapping the world through art
Artistic pursuits
Auto maintenance and repair
 And of course seminary New Testament 


PEYTON 5th grade and AMELIA 4th grade
 Peyton and Amelia do everything besides math and spelling together.
 First language lessons 3 

Writing tales
Cursive HWT
Spelling workout - Amelia
Apples and pears-Peyton
 Teaching textbooks 4&5Untitled


AUDREY 2nd grade
 First language lessons 1
Writing with ease
 Singapore 1 math
Draw write now
Ordinary Parents Guide to teaching reading   Spelling workout  Untitled

 PEYTON AMELIA and AUDREY combined subjects

Apologia Flying Creatures

 History odyssey Middle Ages


 AVERY 1st grade
MFW first grade


Annabelle MFW Kindergarten

All tucked away in it's little box

 Our game/puzzle/flash card storage ( we have lots more of course this is just what we could fit in the RV) 

 Where Weylin and Anna's school stuff, school supplies and our worksheets live under the couch. 



 Our cabinet for all the rest


 Homeschooling in an RV will definitely be an interesting experience but I think we can make it work! We did also bring our school table and chairs so days that it's nice we can go outside for school. Otherwise we have a table, couch, beds and clipboards for everyone. 
I also want to get some TV trays for more table space. We will keep you updated throughout the year and let you know how it's going.