Our Schoolroom

I don't know about you but I like to look at other peoples schoolrooms. I like to get ideas and see how other Mom's make it all work. Here is my mostly finished schoolroom.... it still needs some final touches but it's functional for now anyways :)

Updated to show our 2011 version... still not quite finished but getting closer!

Here's our table where we do school and our mega shower-board whiteboard.  LOVE the giant whiteboard.

June 2011 005

Our School Computer. I have this one set up where they can only go to certain approved websites. Comfort for Mama's mind.

June 2011 009

Science supplies on top and ahem... curriculum I should really let go of on the shelves.

June 2011 010

Encyclopedias, Easy Readers, Some chapter books and our CD player, CDs and books with Audio included.

June 2011 011

All of our curriculum for this year. Anna's is the top shelf, then Weylin, Peyton and Amelia, Audrey and
Avery 's stuff is on the bottom shelf.

June 2011 012

My cabinet for my teachers guides and all of the random stuff I don't want the kids to touch

June 2011 031

Some of our Math manipulatives and puzzles

June 2011 032

Educational games inside the bench

June 2011 033

All of the random school stuff, legos, pencils, crayons. etc etc etc TONS of stuff.... too much stuff lol
The big basket will be our book basket for the year.

June 2011 034

That completes our tour... hope you enjoyed it!