Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Beautiful Fall Day

Perfect weather, perfect scenery, who could ask for more? We packed up our lunch and art supplies and headed out to go hiking. I got a ton of wonderful pictures and the kids had a blast. Fall is truly my favorite time of year.

I’ll share a couple pictures although really I’m tempted to share a ridiculous amount… so here’s the link if you want to see more, just to make me feel better ;) .

Starting out the hike all the kids checking out a Beaver’s Dam.

About half way through the hike Joe came and joined us, he snuck past us and hid in a cave and jumped out and scared the kids.... the look on Amelia's face was PRICELESS.

A decent picture of all the kids on the bridge.

Everyone hard at work

Daddy's Girl

What a great big brother!

OK OK I'm done...but you should really look at them all because there are a LOT more great pictures!!

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