Thursday, June 24, 2010

Choosing Curriculum might just kill me

Seriously. There are just too many choices and not enough information. I have bought SO MANY things in hopes of the “right fit” for my kids and our family.
It is such a great disappointment when I spend hour upon hour researching and pick what I believe will work best and it gets here and it doesn’t work for us.
It has me wondering if at some point you have to just stop with “good enough” instead of constantly striving for “just right”.
How do you know when it’s time to be happy with good enough and quit searching?
The whole Language arts spectrum is my nemesis. I’m perfectly happy with the “good enough” we have going everywhere else. And I’m fairly happy with my elementary kids programs but when it comes to my 7th grader well….. I could cry big fat tears of frustration over his LA stuff. I’ve gone from boring to too easy to inadequate to too hard. WHAT IS THE ANSWER?? Whew… sorry to scream, I feel better now ;) .
I suppose I’ll just keep trucking along until I stumble upon the perfect program… or at least one that’s “good enough”.

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  1. With my daughter, we stopped the formal LA curricula, and went to Copy work. This helped with so much, especially spelling.
    I do like Easy Grammar or Daily Grams.
    Hey, have you heard from Heather yet, about the mini crew button?


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