Thursday, June 24, 2010

Snow, Snow everywhere

I know I've been sparse lately so I figured I'd show you why. There's 2 reasons, 1 we've been busy playing in the snow and 2 we've been tearing our house apart thanks to the freezing temperatures.

We have had SO much snow here this year. We never get snow like this... the kids are loving it. I don't mind the snow outside... it's the snow inside that bothers me ;)

About a month ago we had a pipe burst in our laundry room. It flooded our schoolroom, downstairs bath and office. We had to remove a wall in the laundryroom, one in the bathroom and 2 in the schoolroom. Since we had to take down 2 walls in the schoolroom we decided to take down all the wood paneling. Also while repairing the pipe we found we had another leak somewhere. While trying to find it we ended up ripping out the entire 2nd bathroom leaving us down to 1 bathroom for 8 people. I am happy to say as of today the schoolroom is almost done. We will focus on that and NOT the things that aren't done. ;)

And with that thought I'll leave you with some fun pictures of the snow OUTSIDE

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