Thursday, June 24, 2010

TOS Review... Wanna Be Series. Firefighter

I had the opportunity to review some curriculum for a homeschooling magazine called The Old Schoolhouse.

The curriculum I reviewed was one of their E-Books called
Wanna Be Series – Firefighter.

This was perfect timing as my 5 year old daughter had recently decided she was actually going to be a Firefighter when she grew up... or a Mom, she wasn't QUITE sure she said ;).

This little E-book was really filled with fun ideas for ways to implement a unit study on firefighting.
There was a lot of information on the History of firefighting, how it works today, exactly what it takes to be a firefighter and more.
There were ample activities that we thoroughly enjoyed and opportunities to learn about fire safety and make an escape plan.
There were also worksheets and written work included. We chose to not do that portion because I have mostly younger children and we didn't feel we needed more of that type of work.

First we learned about the history which all of my children found very interesting. Then we had our very own bucket brigade and tried to fill a bucket. Let me tell you if our house is ever burning down I really hope there isn't a 2yo in the brigade.. she was NOT helpful.
I was so busy trying to contain the 2 yo I didn't get pictures of this but it was a sight let me tell you.

Next we learned about Fire Safety, made an escape plan and practiced it.

Going down the stairs while staying low (they liked this part)

Meeting at the Mailbox

Running back in to DO IT AGAIIINNN!!!

After that we learned about what it takes to be a firefighter today and made the Firetruck cake. Now before I show you our cake let me say this. The way our cake looks is in no way shape or form a result of bad instructions. It's simply a result of too much help in the kitchen and a mom that isn't talented in such things ;)

(It's okay go ahead and laugh... I did ;) )

If you have a little one who would enjoy learning about Firefighters the E-book is available here.

For only $8.95 it's a steal and packed with fun information and activities. I think it is well suited for almost any school age child and fun for the whole family.

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