Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Schoolroom

I don't know about you but I like to look at other peoples schoolrooms. I like to get ideas and see how other Mom's make it all work. Here is my mostly finished schoolroom.... it still needs some final touches but it's functional for now anyways :)

View from the stairs. The long table is where we all sit to do school.

Kinda blurry pic but you get the idea this is where we keep our curriculum, supplies, easy readers ect.

July 2010 007

July 2010 015

This wall will have a giant dry erase board on it asap... the cabinet over there is for all the things I want locked up ;)

July 2010 008

July 2010 012

Spelling Board, Listening Station, Math manipulatives and puzzles

July 2010 009

July 2010 013

Workboxes and reading/listening/whatever bench... inside the bench is all our learning games

July 2010 010

July 2010 014

Kids only computer, I have it set up so that the only websites they can use on this one are ones I've approved... this gives me peace of mind and gives them access to educational sites without me hovering.

July 2010 011

I'll update this page when I get curtains, the rest of my posters, my whiteboard etc.


  1. Love the blog - I'm over from the Crew and I'm following you. I'd love to have the space to have our own school room but for now the living room doubles as ours :)


  2. Great room, thanks for the glimpse!
    ~Erin (from the Crew)

  3. OK, I am now salivating with jealousy! EXCELLENT room!

  4. I'm taking a blog walk. Love your room! I have so many ideas now! Thank you!

  5. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! Just pick up a big pack of cups at Sam's Club or Costco for a new building material - it wasn't even my idea - it was my son's!

    I'm on the TOS Crew too this year for the older group. I saw your button in the sidebar of your blog.

    I adore your school room. We use workboxes too. All of the pictures were great.


  6. Wow! You are very organized!! I wish I had a room like that...I love containers and labels and stations, just like you. We are figuring out what to do with it all in a smaller home (with a larger exterior space...15 acres).

    Great job! Thanks for sharing.

    visit me at http://blessing-farm.blogspot.com/

  7. LOVE it! I had a school room that was pretty cool, but then we wanted to move, so I packed it all up. It has been a while, and we are still not moved, but we really only used the kitchen anyways, so I am not sure if we will have a school room or not when we move. It may depend on space.

  8. Very inspiring! I just bought little plastic drawer thingies and boxes too. We're moving soon and won't have the space for an actual school room, but I hope to make good use of our living room and kitchen. Thanks for the great ideas!

    ~Jenni from the Crew


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