Saturday, September 4, 2010

TOS Review Time for Learning

We were asked to review the Time For Learning preschool program with Audrey and Avery for The Old Schoolhouse.

At first it was a little difficult for the girls to figure out how to use it so it does take some parent interaction until they learn how it works. Once they had it down though it was a great tool for them. I was able to get them going on Time for Learning while working with my older kids on other things they needed me for.
This was a huge help because if I'm not paying attention to my little gals they lose interest and wander off quickly.
I enjoyed this program because it was entertaining/easy for them to use ( after I helped them learn how) and they were learning from it.
Unfortunately the cost of the program is high enough that it's not a practical option for our family long term.  It is $19.99 for the first child and $14.99 for each additional child per month. If we had less kids it might be more doable possibly.
If you can swing the cost I would definitely recommend this program for your preschooler. Especially if you have little ones who love to do school like I do and have more interest than you have time.

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I did not receive any compensation for my review  besides a free one month trial of the program.

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