Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Ballet

We now have all of our children taking classical ballet. We are so blessed by their fabulous teacher and all ballet teaches them. Weylin opted out of the Christmas performance but here are some pictures of the others. They all did a fabulous job and remembered their whole dances. I was especially impressed by how good the older kids are getting. We are getting ready to start work on the spring performance of Snow White which we are all excited for.

 I made all the boys costumes :)
 Miss Rachel with the four older kids ( Anna danced on a different night, Peyton and Amelia danced both nights though)

 We weren't quite sure Anna would dance because she hadn't wanted to during any of the practices. She did a great job although it started out quite humorously. She walked onstage pulled her tutu up to her armpits, stuck her baby into it and proclaimed very loudly she had to pee. She started to run out then changed her mind and decided she would dance first. I stood by the side praying she wouldn't pee on the stage ;)

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