Wednesday, January 19, 2011

See- N- Read **TOS Review**

I received some great products from See-N-Read through the TOS Crew. We received two See-N-Read's
one book size and one letter size. We also received one Memory Mark that has no plastic over the window so you can use it to highlight or underline.

You may be asking what exactly is See-N-Read? Here's an exert from the website to help explain it.

See-N-Read® is a practical reading intervention tool....designed to help readers seamlessly see, focus, and remember what they read. It reduces word- and line-skipping and pattern glare.

See: See-N-Read® helps readers to concentrate on and track the text being read while smoothly transitioning between the words that come before or after, thus helping readers to increase their fluency (the capacity to read text accurately and quickly) and comprehension.

Focus: See-N-Read’s clear reading window is surrounded by a non-glare tinted transparent finish that helps readers to focus on manageable “chunks” of information in each line of text.

Remember: See-N-Read® provides readers with a clear reference point that helps control smooth eye movements across the text on a page. Smooth eye movement from left to right and smooth transitions from line to line ("sweeping") enhance retention of information.

See-N-Read’s flexible material makes it easy for readers, young and old, to hold and use it as they read.

Our Experience:

The big difference I saw in this vs other similar products is that the other lines are not blacked out but simply darker. This way it is easier to read smoothly vs stopping and waiting while you slide it down. I found it very useful as a place marker while I'm reading in school. My kids never just listen straight through as I read of course. They have questions and want to discuss things. With this tool I know exactly where we left off and can pick back up our reading much quicker than I could previously.
Both children were resistant to using this at first. My daughter is a very fluent fast reader and she felt it slowed her down a bit so she hasn't used it much. She does however like it for more difficult reading and uses it to read her scriptures.
My son is dyslexic and uses a yellow reading sheet with his reading. After we combined the See-N-Read with his yellow sheet he likes it a lot more now. Perhaps this is a product the company would be interested in producing for readers with special needs.

I think I will probably cut up one of his yellow sheets and attach it myself to the See-N-Read for ease of use.
Here is what his invention looks like on paper.
They also have the Memory Mark which is what I've been using during scripture study. It's window is cut out so you can neatly highlight or underline things easily. I love this because I am not always the neatest underliner/highlighter and this makes my markings look so much nicer.

All in all I think these are great, easy to use products and inexpensive enough that you can give it a try easily and not lose much if it isn't for you.
You can purchase the See-N-Read Here
The Document Size is $3.49
The Book Size is $2.99
You can purchase the Memory Mark Here
The Document Size is $3.49
The Book Size is $2.99

You can see what my crewmates thought about their products here

I received these products for free in exchange for my honest review. I did not receive any other compensation.

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