Monday, January 31, 2011

Times Alive **TOS Review**

We received a download of Times Alive from City Creek Press through The Old Schoolhouse to review.
Times Alive is a computer program that teaches your child multiplication.  They combine cartoons, songs, pictures, rhymes and other fun features to make a truly memorable program.
Both of my third graders enjoyed this math program immensely. Neither of them knew any multiplication before we started this review. They now both know all of the problems they have gone through with Times Alive. I can even  see them repeating some of the rhymes to remember their problems.
I love that it's easy for me to see at a glance how much they've done, what they've scored and things they started but didn't quite complete ( haha my son is busted ;) ). The lessons are broken down very well so they can work for 5 minutes at a time if they want or keep going longer. This makes it easy for me to add to our daily schedule without adding a lot of time to our schooling, or a lot of complaining about doing it ;).
The program is also done in a way that truly makes it fun. There is almost always a younger child watching on when the bigger kids are working on this. I foresee my little girls will learn multiplication at an early age just by watching over their siblings shoulders.  Ahem I may even finally get better at MY multiplication from this program.

From the Website:

Why It Works

Why FUN WAY LEARNING teaches addition and times tables better and faster.
The old method of “drilling” math tables using flash cards is familiar to most of us. A few students find it successful, but most consider it boring and frustrating. For students with dyslexia or other learning disabilities, it is often impossible to learn in this way.
The Fun Way approach to learning math tables eliminates the need for rote memorization. Instead:
  1. It presents every math equation as a story to be told, allowing students to attach meaning to the numbers.
  2. It attaches a variety of clues and information to the number facts, making retention and retrieval of the information much easier for students.
  3. It presents math in a fun and interactive storytelling medium that uses lively imagery and narrative to entertain and inform students.
Through the Fun Way method, students approach the subject of math with renewed interest and attention, making learning a joyful experience for students and teachers alike. 

The only real downside for us is the price. It's a bit pricey at $44.95. Not a program we would be able to afford normally, although after using it I would probably scrimp and save to purchase it because it really is that good. If you can swing it though it's definitely worth the price. Especially if you have multiple children who will use it.

You can purchase the Times Alive Download for $44.95 Here or a CD ROM for $48.95 Here.
They also sell a lot of other products to complement the program and an addition program as well for younger kids.

You can view their other products or try a sample of Times Alive at the City Creek Press Website.

I have received a free copy of Times Alive in exchange for my honest review of the product. No other compensation was received.

To see what my other crewmates thought about this program visit the TOS Blog Here.

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