Friday, February 18, 2011

Kid Scoop and The Reluctant Reader Solution **TOS** Review

We reviewed the Kid Scoop Online Newspaper  and The Reluctant Reader Solution for the TOS Crew.

Kid Scoop is an Online Kid Themed Newspaper. Each month there is a new Kid Scoop for your child to enjoy.  The newspaper is bright, colorful, filled with interesting things to read and engaging activities. My kids love it. It is perfect for my 8 year old daughter. She asks to read this and enjoys everything in it. It is a bit advanced reading for my 9 year old son who is dyslexic, although he has enjoyed having me read it aloud to him.  I love that each month there is something new for them to read and work on.

It was a little difficult to get it into a format that was easy to read at first. The print is too small on the website to read online and hard to navigate. I was able to save it as a PDF and then it was very easy to use. Now that I know how to do it it truly is a non-issue. It also takes a bit of ink to print and there are activities on nearly every page that your children will want to do... multiply that by several children and it is a bit much. I love the activities but I wish they would consolidate the activities to less pages or make the activity pages a little less colorful for my ink budget's sake.
Despite the printing woe's my kids like it enough that I will continue to print it out for them despite my ink's displeasure.

The other part of the program we received is The Reluctant Reader Solution.

Let me start by saying that this is perfect. There honestly isn't a thing I would change about these worksheets. They come in groups of 5-7 worksheets per subject and there are enough worksheets to do one every day of the year. The topics cover such a wide range you can find something for any child to love. The worksheets are black and white (easy to print) but still visually engaging and fun. The topics are intriguing and educational.
One thing I loved is they include packets for different holidays, I always find myself going hmmmm seems we should be doing something to learn about  _____(insert holiday here) but find myself at a loss. Now I can just grab the worksheets and go!  Even when I forget to plan it's there for me, that is priceless I tell you!

Now here's the tricky part. For 12 months of Kid Scoop and all of the Reluctant Reader PDF's it is $97.
Caught your breath yet? I know if your like me it sounds like a lot. I sat here for a while trying to decide if it is something I would purchase at that price. The only answer I can muster is I'm honestly not sure. I need to use it for longer before I decide about that.... which doesn't help you.
My fear is that maybe the enthusiasm for it won't last, but I'm hoping it will.
Here's the great thing though, Kid Scoop offers a 365 day money back guarantee. This means if you buy it and your kids love it for a month and then never want to look at it again, well you can get your money back. To me what this means is Kids Scoop is fairly certain your kid's are going to continue to love it. They have confidence in their product so I'm going to say yes considering they back their product so fully I would purchase it. Honestly if it helps your child's reading improve it's fully worth $97, if it doesn't you're not out a penny. That's a risk worth taking if you ask me.

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** I received a copy of the Reluctant Reader Solution and a Membership for Kid Scoop in return for my honest review of the products. No other compensation was received**

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