Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Craft and the best kids art book ever!

First up a fun little Valentine craft my friend Valerie inspired us to do. If you want to try it please use her instructions here... her instructions are fabulous and I wouldn't dare try to replicate them lol.

Here is the beautiful work in progress.... This really is a great craft to do with little kids. Despite the fact that everyone helped with every part it still looks gorgeous and not at all like the 2 year old helped even though she did!

Next up I want to tell you about the best art book I've ever purchased for my kids. Not the meatiest nor the most detailed mind you. But the BEST book EVER!! Want to know why? The projects are fun, intriguing and my kids can do them ALONE. The instructions are great with lots of details and pictures and my kids have made projects that look neat and they feel proud of. The best part is I purchased this at Hobby Lobby Monday ( with my handy dandy 40% off coupon) and since Monday afternoon, until now Wednesday evening they have made stuff from it nonstop!!

Here's the book 

Here's some samples of their work ;) ( Some of it is MIA already but you can get the idea) Some of it should be larger but we've been snowed in so I haven't had a chance to take the patterns to a copy machine to enlarge them to 200%

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  1. Thanks for sharing your garland. Everyone has made great projects! Hope you are all staying warm!


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