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Artistic Pursuits ** TOS Review**


This is a review I was really excited about. We have used a very old copy of Artistic Pursuits book 1 for the past couple of years. I was so excited to have a new book to work from. First let me say the new format is fabulous. I love having the pictures included in the book rather than loose. Everything is visually appealing and simple. Since I'm teaching five children simple thrills me!

We received Book Two of the Grades K-3 Series. In this book your child will learn painting with watercolor, tempera, oil pastels, printmaking, sculpture with paper mache, and mixed media.

The book starts out with a materials list. It tells you everything you will need to complete the entire book. You can choose to get it as you go, purchase it all at once or you can purchase an art kit through the company Here.It also tells you what you will need extra of for additional students so you will know just what you need. I love that because having multiple students I often wish sellers had this option. 

Next is a section titled Teaching Observation Skills which goes over ways to help you teach your students. 

Then it proceeds onto the lessons. Each lesson starts with a famous artist and work of art. It tells about the Artists life and their artwork. This part is between one and two pages and are just enough in my opinion to teach your young child about artists but  not so much their eyes glaze over. Then at the end of the information there are a couple questions for you to discuss with your child. 

Next is the actual art project. In a box at the top of the page it clearly tells you what supplies you will need for the project. Then it has a section you are to read aloud to your child telling them exactly what to do. It also has pictures for the slightly more complex techniques to show the steps. Finally in the top corner there is a picture completed by a child for them to see.  

Our Experience: 
There is honestly nothing I would change about this program's content. It is just the right mix for our family of Artist information and art projects. The projects are simple enough that I , who has NO artistic ability whatsoever, feel confident teaching this to my children. It is also simple enough that I do it every week. Before we started Artistic Pursuits art rarely happened. We would do crafts sure but getting out the real art supplies was too much work. I had no idea what to have them do, no direction and as I mentioned before no ability. 

With Artistic Pursuits I just schedule it into our week. We do a unit every week and it works fabulously for us. I know what I need to do, what supplies are needed well in advance, and exactly how to teach it. I love that they are learning about various artist,gaining an appreciation for artwork and getting to try their hand at being an artist themselves. 
What I really love though is that there is no stress involved in it for me. Stressed out Mom sucks all the fun out of art and this program really prevents that for me. 

The one thing I would like to see changed is the binding on the book. Mine fell apart after very little use and while I can and did put it back together I would love something sturdier. I plan on using this again and again. Even just three hole punched in plastic would work for me so I could put it in my own binder. As a matter of fact I think I will do that to my books. 

This program is available from Artistic Pursuits Here. They have several different books designed to teach from ages 3-12 available for $42.95 each Here
I do believe that this program is worth it's price tag. For me I will use it time and time again with all of my children and I plan on purchasing many books in the future. 

Some of my budding artists creations and pictures of the program in use.....

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I received a free Artistic Pursuits book in exchange for my honest review of their product. No other compensation was received. 

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