Monday, April 4, 2011

Go Go Kabongo ** TOS Review**


We had the opportunity to review a brand new award winning computer program called Go Go Kabongo for the TOS Crew
Go Go Kabongo is a game based program that takes your child through three different habitats to teach your pre-reader/ beginning reader a variety of skills needed to help them master reading. Here is a chart detailing the different skills they will learn and where they will learn them.


There are 3 different habitats in the game so far and they are working on creating more.

The first habitat is Laughter Lake


Next is Twister Top


Last is Galaxy Gardens


Usually each habitat is $4.95 per child but if you sign up now you get the first two habitats FREE! 
Each habitat has three games and takes your child through each game until they have mastered that skill. You can go to your parent page and see which skills your child has mastered and which they are still working through. Go Go Kabongo also emails you to let you know your child's progress. 

Kabongo home

You start the game out in the tree house. From there you can click on the map to play the games in the habitats, click on the skate park to make your own skate tracks, make your avatar with their many different fun combinations or go to the comic book maker.

When you win the games you are rewarded with stickers allowing you to play at the skateboard park and make comic books.

Our Experience: 

*The characters are engaging and the games are enough fun that my children don't realize they are educational. 
*The programs are easy to navigate when the program is working correctly. 
* Low cost at only $4.95 per child for a lifetime membership to all worlds. (this may change in the future as more levels are added and if the first 2 levels are no longer free so jump on this now ;) ) 
*For me this is a great way to know my younger children are doing something educational close by that doesn't require my help while I work with older children. 
* The kids really wanted to work for the stickers to play the skate park and comic book maker. 
* Easy to go check your child's progress
* One log in for the whole family so I'm not required to remember multiple logins. 

* The program is in it's Beta form right now and is sometimes quite glitchy. There were some days it just wouldn't work right and we had to not play. Other days it worked great. I assume they are working on the kinks. 
*It is yet another sit on the computer activity BUT for us we use those as "school" for the little kids because otherwise they get into trouble while I'm teaching the big kids.

Visit the website Here to register to play. Try out the free levels and decide if this program works for your little ones. I know we will continue to use it in our arsenal of computer school programs and look forward to the addition of more levels in the future. I particularly think this would be a great game for young boys, although my girls really like it as well. 

See what my other crew-mates thought of Go Go Kabongo here

I received one free membership to Go Go Kabongo in return for my honest review of the product. No other compensation was received. 

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