Saturday, April 30, 2011

This is it....

This is my one giant look at what I accomplished post. Let me get it all out once and then I'll be quiet. I must say though I am quite proud of all that I accomplished and seeing it all finished today felt good.
I made all of these costumes from scratch... even the leotards.

First up is the evil queen ( I didn't make the Raven that was Tonya's creation)
This costume was so tedious and detailed and I just don't have a good picture to show it unfortunately. Trust me though this one has a lot of hours in it.
Jalie 2915 on top nude lycra underneath stretch burn out velvet on top, self drafted (read just very gathered) tulle skirt, darkness costume underneath which I'll talk about in a minute. Simple arm sleeves just cut out and sewn down the sides. Crown was made from wire and beads by Weylin. I added some gathered tulle to the top and tacked a tulle bow into the front.

12 Tree Nymphs
Leotards and leggings are Kwik Sew 3661 on the bigger girls and the younger girls are wearing the Jalie Unitard 2105. Skirts are just pointed strips all sewn together and the arm pieces are the strips sewn onto fold over elastic. Crowns and masks were also made by Weylin.

9 Darkness
Girls costumes are Kwik Sew 3331 with spirals sewn onto elastic for their arm pieces. Weylin's costume is a Jalie V neck shirt, a Kwik Sew knit PJ pant cut off with elastic added into the leg and a McCall cape.

4 Sunshine
I somehow missed the group pose on this one. Ottobre leotard and Jalie 2915 tutu with double the tulle layers and a layer of chiffon on top. The hairpiece is just something I copied off one we had.

2 Rainbows
I made the two in the middle. Pink costume is Ottobre Leotard and just a gathered skirt. Purple one is the Ottobre leotard minus the sleeves cut just below the bust to add the skirt. For the skirt I used the top layer of the darkness skirt pattern.

Kwik Sew Leo 3508 Jalie 2915 tutu

I made the bodies and Marilyn did the tails. Bodies are made from Kwik Sew 2711

I also made 2 guard costumes that didn't make it into any pictures.

That's 33 costumes in all.... whew I am so glad to be done. I loved every minute of it but I officially am worn out. Now it's time to clean my house and catch up on laundry ;)

That's all the showing off you'll see about the costumes, now be prepared for me to show off my kids as we go into show week!


  1. Take a bow, Angel! Wow! You did an amazing job and I am soooo proud of you! Lori

  2. WOW! I would be proud too! GOod Job!


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