Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wordy Qwerty ** TOS Review**

We were blessed to get to review Wordy Qwerty for the TOS Crew. Wordy Qwerty is the follow up to the program that we reviewed earlier in the year called Talking Fingers.
Talking Fingers teaches the basics of typing and then Wordy Qwerty continues to work on typing but also works on spelling and reading. Wordy Qwerty is made for children approximately age 7-9.

Wordy Qwerty works with your child on six basic skills.
1 Patterns: teaches children spelling rules and patterns of spelling.
2 Karaoke: This section contains 20 fun and engaging songs to teach your child the spelling rules.
3 Re-cycler: Works with your child on the different ways to spell rhyming words and introduces them to the fact that not all rhyming sounds are spelled the same way.
4 Pop-A-Word: Works on those hard to learn rule breakers.
5 Write Stories: Stories are dictated to your child and they then type what they hear.
6 Read Stories: Just as it sounds with a twist, every once in a while there is a word missing and your child will have to fill it in.
Visit the website here to learn more about these six skills and the games Wordy Qwerty uses to teach them.

Our Experience:
My kids love this program. It is fun, engaging, colorful and easy to navigate. Both my 8 and 9 year old have been using it with much success. Their typing is improving as is their spelling. I cannot recommend this program enough. I have searched high and low for a typing product I love and this one fits the bill. Not only are they learning to type and honing that skill but they are working on spelling, reading and vocabulary at the same time. I also love that the hands are always available to show them which finger to use and how to move it. That limits my having to hover which is always a bonus.

Online Subscriptions start at $25 a year for one student
Home Edition CD is $35
You can also do the free Demo here

I received 2 free online licenses for Wordy Qwerty in exchange for my honest review.

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