Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Nutcracker

Last weekend Peyton and Amelia had the opportunity to be in the Royal Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker. The Walton Arts Center was hosting the show and held auditions for children to be in the Party Scene. 42 Children auditioned and Peyton and Amelia BOTH got in!! One of Amelia's best friends also got in.Amelia got to be a girl in the party scene and Peyton got to be in the party scene and was a mouse! I have to say it was truly an opportunity of a life time. I wasn't able to get any pictures (wasn't allowed back stage) but my friend had the chance to help backstage and snapped a couple quick pics. If I get better ones later I'll post those too :) 

                                   Amelia and Katie getting dressed. Amelia's dress was too big so she had to be sewn                       into it. 

                                           Peyton is in the back right. Amelia is being sewn in so isn't in this picture.
                                             Peyton... isn't he handsome ;)
                                                       Amelia waiting in the wings with Katie.
                                           Peyton on stage
                                                Peyton and Amelia to his right.
                                                 Amelia's sweet friend Katie as a mouse.
                                                Katie and half of Amelia and Peyton
                                            Group shots

Amelia also danced in another Nutcracker this year as a Bon Bon :)

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