Sunday, March 18, 2012

Feels Like Spring to us......

We are thoroughly enjoying this spring like March weather. I hope you are all spending some time outdoors as well! We have started working on our garden, spent lots of time playing outside and went for a romp at the botanical gardens..... pure bliss!!

Amelia helping plant a raspberry bush.... she took a very hands on approach to gardening ;)

March 2012 076

March 2012 078

Then she had to wash off.... she may have gotten a little carried away with the hose as well.....

March 2012 083

Weylin did the work on the big garden, he is very excited to be the "chief" gardener this year!

March 2012 080

The little girls helped garden, played with homemade sidewalk chalk, and took care of the birds.

March 2012 085

March 2012 075

March 2012 077

March 2012 079

March 2012 084

The Kids even picked dandelions for me.... I got a wild hair and decided to try laminating them... they actually look really cool and almost stained glass like when you put them in the window.

March 2012 072

Trip to the gardens.... we went here with Grandma for Anna's Birthday and soaked up the sun.

March 2012 063

March 2012 061

March 2012 060

March 2012 058

March 2012 057

March 2012 056

March 2012 055

March 2012 054

March 2012 048

March 2012 047

March 2012 045

March 2012 044

March 2012 030

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