Thursday, June 24, 2010

A desperate attempt to simplify my life

Why is it things meant to simplify my life always are so complicated to set up? I spent an embarrassingly large chunk of my day today setting up this new chore/job system for the kids.

I searched online for pictures to represent each personal hygiene/ chore/ school subject I need the kids to accomplish. Then I printed them all out and cut them out. I attached each picture to a color coded card.

Orange for morning jobs… get dressed, brush teeth ect., Blue for night jobs, Green for Daily chores, Red for weekly chores, and yellow for school subjects that need done.

Each child has a colored section on the rainbow pocket chart. The day starts with their morning items on their top row, then I switch it to school, then night items.

The second row is for chores. Daily chores stay up well… daily ;) and I’ll add the weekly chores as they need done.

Once an item has been completed the card is turned around so the back is facing out and I know that is done.

I made records for each child I will print out weekly and will keep track of what they get accomplished every day for allowance purposes and accountability.

I’m praying this works because I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of can’t get it all done. Having the kids more responsible for themselves would change my life right now.

In other news I thought Amelia's mash potato sculpture deserved some recognition as well. It's a monkey if you can't tell. ;)

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