Thursday, June 24, 2010


We didn’t do a lot for Halloween this year. I just frankly wasn’t that into it.
We did paint pumpkins though. After last years pumpkin seed fiasco I decided carving just wasn’t an option. ( For those who don’t know Weylin, Peyton and I got a little overzealous and were throwing the guts/seeds at each other. In true Peyton fashion he took it one step farther and threw the whole bowl of guts.. all over the mini blinds, walls, chairs, table.. everywhere. It took a long time to clean lol)

Anyways, this year we painted. The kids had fun though. Avery was the most careful with hers, she took twice as long as anyone else to do hers.

Peyton got carried away and ended up with a blob and had to wash his and start over, he ended up with polka dots.

Amelia drew a whole little scene on her pumpkin complete with a sky and grass.

Audrey made hers a nice happy pumpkin.

Anna went with the blob mentality ;).

We also went to quite a few parties. We had one for the homeschool group that was a lot of fun. Amelia tied with another girl for first place in a contest to see who could go the longest without laughing while people tried to make you laugh... she has nerves of steel apparently. Then the girls got to wear their costumes to dance which Avery thinks they should always do now.
The last party was the ward party where we had chili and did trunk or treat.
Halloween night we fed the missionaries and had Brea and her kids over to go trick or treating. I think they all had fun in spite of my lack of enthusiasm this year. And I am thankful to say the candy is just about gone.... thank goodness.


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