So I walk into the kitchen last night and the stool is pushed to the kitchen sink and every dirty dish from said sink is thrown on the floor….. and it hit me … Anna is a toddler now lol… run for your life!

On the school front….
We are getting into a nice routine now. We get up and eat breakfast, get dressed and the kids pick up while I do dishes. Then we have school and are done in time for lunch. Which leaves us all afternoon to go on walks or lounge or whatever we’re in the mood for… its really going well for the most part … except for my one “spirited” child. I know we’ll figure it out but right now I don’t feel like he’s learning a thing… good thing he’s only 7 and can make up for it later right ;) He is just SO busy… although he is loving our science. Its called R.E.A.L. science and its VERY hands on so thats right up his alley… the rest I suppose will come in time.