Thursday, June 24, 2010

The sounds of nature........ or shrieking?

We took the day off yesterday and packed up to go hiking. It was gorgeous and we were all so excited. Got everyone some new summer clothes and new waterbottles. Packed everyone up, drove the hour to the trail. Got out headed down the trail… then a couple minutes into the walk Audrey got a SCRAPE. Now mind you any normal kid would fuss and move on… but not her. She shrieked, she cried, she told me how bad it hurt… then she started.. just barely to calm down… UNTIL Amelia so kindly pointed out that it was BLEEDING!! Then there was no stopping the shrieking. She screamed for an hour straight before we gave in and called it a day. She is still crying about it today…. seriously its a scrape kid… move on.

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