Thursday, June 24, 2010

Super Snowy Snowflakes

Don't you love my clever titles.... ok ok I know they're lame but I never proclaimed to be creative.

Anyways.... I taught the kids to make snowflakes and then we taped them to the window and covered them in fake snow. It makes a cheap easy and fun decoration. The kids have been making snowflakes all week, I'm so glad they enjoyed the snowflakes... although I can say I won't be sad when there aren't little paper triangles everywhere anymore. We even got Joe to make snowflakes with us.. then the stinker outshone us all and made superflakes. The guy had snowmen, Christmas trees and Scrolling curves in his snowflakes... who can do that? It turns out Weylin is pretty talented too he got bells and swords in his snowflakes... my snowflakes weren't even symmetrical... I shouldn't admit such things but it's the truth.

OK so first you find a tutorial to make snowflakes online and start cutting.

You'll need to really concentrate while cutting... it's hard work.

Remember to have fun and smile

Don't forget to make amazing designs in your perfect snowflakes.

Tape your snowflakes to the window.

Spray the snow over the snowflakes and take down the paper snowflakes

Then sit back and admire your work.

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