Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catching up with some sewing pictures

An apron for my sister's birthday... which we won't mention was in JUNE shhhh

July 2010 005

Close up of the pretty print

July 2010 006

Swimsuit, Swim Shirt and Swim shorts for Amelia... not crazy about how this turned out but it works

July 2010 001

July 2010 004

New Leo and skirt for Audrey

July 2010 006

Baby Gifts for some friends at church

July 2010 003

July 2010 002

Shirts for me

June 2010 020

June 2010 001

New Dresses for all the girls

June 2010 017

New Leo for Amelia

June 2010 013

Think that gets me caught up besides some stuff I forgot to take pictures of.

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