Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Aunt Sarah and Grandpa Billy's visit :)

We had the pleasure of visiting with with our FABULOUS Aunt Sarah last week! Grandpa also came down to visit for a couple days too! The kids and I all thoroughly enjoyed their presence and can't wait to do it again!


July 2010 007

On our hike to the CRIK ( yes my Dad is from Texas ) Forgive the fact that we all look like we're melting... we were.

July 2010 058

July 2010 053

This is what Sarah looks like after touching a fish.

July 2010 044

July 2010 041

July 2010 039

July 2010 025

Sarah with the baby bird she rescued.... it thanked her by pooping on her!

July 2010 020

July 2010 017

Dad and Sarah

July 2010 011

July 2010 009

July 2010 004

Sarah using her new apron to cook us dinner ;)

July 2010 002

Sarah teaching the maniacs to play Uno

July 2010 001

Sarah and Dad getting ready to leave

July 2010 004

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