Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Firefly Festival

Every year our local Botanical Garden has a Firefly Festival. The focus is on small creatures and fairies. We went last year not knowing that every little girl there would be dressed up as a fairy. So I of course promised to be better prepared this year and told my sweet girls this year they would have fairy costumes... I then promptly forgot all about it.
Fast forward 364 days later.... Grandma calls to remind me the Firefly Festival is tomorrow.... wait WHEN??
Ok fine I can make 4 fairy costumes in 24 hours, no problem. Just don't look at my house afterwards ;)

I am pleased to say my sweet girls were not disappointed.

I made them all a new leotard ( that they can also use at dance) a tutu, wings and a fairy bell necklace.
Then we did fancy nails, hair and makeup. The girls could not have been happier with the evening!

The littlest Fairy Anna :)

July 2010 004

July 2010 005

Avery the Hot Pink Fairy

July 2010 006

July 2010 007

Audrey the Sparkle Fairy

July 2010 008

July 2010 009

Amelia the Eldest Fairy

July 2010 010

July 2010 011

At the last minute Peyton constructed himself a Bat costume... I think he did a fantastic job and will have to remember to include him next year... I win the Bad Mommy award on that one :(

July 2010 015

July 2010 016

Making Fairy Wands

July 2010 017

July 2010 018

Making Fairy Houses

July 2010 022

July 2010 023

July 2010 027

The best parts I didn't get photos of. By the time they started I had an almost sleeping baby on me and couldn't get to my camera.
At the end of the festival they had a fantastic Fire Dancing Show and let off little lanterns with fires inside them. It was amazing!

Can't wait for next year!
Thankfully the kids have been having fairy parades and fairy picnics all day  because I woke up with a horrible headache... I'm thinking less sewing and heat and more water would have been my friend yesterday.

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