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Thursday, July 22, 2010

TOS REVIEW **Travel Kits: A Simple way to BLESS others**

I was given the opportunity to review an e-book for The Old Schoolhouse magazine.
This e-book is called Travel Kits: A Simple way to Bless others.

At first I wasn't sure exactly how we would do this review.  We weren't taking any trips and weren't planning on it anytime soon. Then I started reading the book. It really is about taking the time to bless others and make someone else's life easier more than it's about travel kits.

So I talked to the kids about who they would like to bless and we decided on a sweet family we know that was getting ready to go on a very long road trip.

The kids and I went to our local Walmart and set out to make an awesome travel kit for our friends.  The kids really enjoyed deciding what would entertain them for the longest and what everyone would like best.
After we got home I looked around online and found some coloring pages, crosswords and activities to print out. Then we set to work making the basket.

Here's what we included in the basket

And here it is all wrapped up

Our friends were thrilled with the basket and very excited to get going to open it all up.
Their Mom said the kids really enjoyed it and were always very excited to get to open the next thing. She did mention rolling the papers into scrolls made it hard for the kids to use them later... so you may want to think of a different idea to roll them if you print out anything.

I don't want to give away the tips and ideas included in the book but let me just say it's filled with different ideas of ways to package your kit, things to include and themes you could follow. Some of these things are common sense but others were indeed things I would not have thought of doing.

Here is a little exert from the author about the kits. 

Instead of gritting your teeth and deciding you’re just going to survive that long trip to Grandma’s house next week or that hour-long, monthly visit to the orthodontist’s office, the author challenges you to demonstrate a little love, ingenuity, and organization by making a travel kit—a simple way to bless others! She has an understanding of making travel kits for a variety of friends and family for many occasions—and she is ready to share her expertise with you!
Not:      Toiletries                                 But:     To
             Required                                            Restfully
             As                                                     Arrive to a
             Vacation                                             Visit,
             Essentials                                            Even on
             Loaded from home.                             Lengthy trips.
             Kits                                                    Kits of gifts
             Intended                                             Inescapably
             To                                                      Truly
             Supply needs.                                     Show you care!
Travel kits are a “blessing in a box”—or bucket, or bag, or basket—tied up with ribbons and bows! Or even tied up with colorful shoelaces!

I am glad we had the opportunity to  bless our friends in a way we would not have thought of otherwise. The travel kits are a fun idea to bless any age, even adults. You could customize the kit for a baby, a preschooler, a child, teen or Mom and Dad. 
I do wish the kit contained some print out activities or puzzles or something else a little more concrete for the money, but if your looking for ideas that are all in one place and easy to find then this is a nice kit. 

This is a down-loadable e-book  from The Old Schoolhouse. It is available for $12.45. You can find the book by clicking here.

I was not paid anything for this review. I was given a free copy of the e-book in return for my honest opinion on their product.


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  1. This was a nice review, and I loved the pictures. It looked so pretty, it's too bad the rolled pages didn't work out well. I hope you have a nice weekend!


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