Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Littlest Ballerina

Anna started Ballet a couple weeks ago. Let me tell you she is the cutest little ballerina in the whole world and she is SO excited to get to dance like the "big girls".

August 2010 057

Look at those precious little teeny buns

August 2010 060

Amelia helps out Miss Rachel in the little girls class

August 2010 072

August 2010 073

Also you know I couldn't have the camera out at dance and not get pictures of my other dancers.... although I didn't get any of Audrey, Avery or Weylin's class :(  My camera died before their classes.

Love this picture, can you see Peyton in the mirror?

August 2010 067

Iphone pics 051

Iphone pics 044

Iphone pics 043


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