Monday, August 23, 2010

Our first day of School!!

We started school today and we had so much fun! Audrey and Avery are starting Kindergarten and Peyton and Amelia are in 3rd this year. I must say I am just thrilled with how our first day went and the curriculum we're using this year.
Everything flowed well and everyone had fun. They were even sad to see school end ;) We started a little late (around 9:30) and had some distractions that were unavoidable but were done by 2 with everything even the fun extras!!

Here's the official "back to school" pics


August 2010 024


August 2010 023


August 2010 021


August 2010 020

And can't forget miss Anna

August 2010 022

Here's everyone working on salt maps for history

August 2010 036

Making Ice Cream for science ( which was disgusting, so we were forced to make cookies to mask the disappointment) 

August 2010 039

All in all I think everyone is excited for the new year and the break has us all refreshed and ready to learn new things!

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