Thursday, October 28, 2010

TOS Review PG Key

I was given the opportunity to review the PG Key.PG Key is a simple device that you plug into your computer that is supposed to limit your child's access to objectionable content.

PG Key can
  • block content
  • restrict PC access
  • set time restrictions
  • review sites visited
  • review chat in all forms
  • record up to 60 hours a computer activity
My experience with PG Key:

Setup was easy and done within 5 minutes. You do have to set up a separate account for your children to use with this program. After installing I tried to Google some things that I wouldn't want my kids to see. I didn't have much problem getting search results. Inappropriate images appeared in the search screen as did inappropriate links. I tried clicking on one of the links (very hesitantly I might add lol) and it did indeed block the actual page although it did not stop the preview images and content from appearing.
The other thing I should mention is it only works if you use the PG Key search box. This is the first of many grievous errors in the program I believe. If you have a good teen who doesn't WANT to view inappropriate things that is great. We all know though that teens get curious and what we really need is something that blocks it no matter how they search for it.

The program also allows you to add words you don't want your child to search for. However it does not block these words from being searched for it merely alerts you by email if they do it. OK fine but by that time the damage is done. Those images your child has seen cannot be erased. This is simply unacceptable for a filtering program.

Features I like are:
Time limits. We have a no more than 1 hour on the computer rule so it's nice to have the PG key enforce it rather than my nagging ;). They can't argue with the computer or beg for 5 more minutes PLEEAASE!
The feature that allows you to select only certain websites for your child to visit is great too but also available with your Windows security.
The one unique feature I found is that you can watch a recording of your child's activity. This however isn't useful for me because I don't allow my kids to use any computer unless I'm in the room and they are locked at all other times, I can see though how that would be nice to have.

I will leave the PG Key on my computer. It is nice to have one more thing to protect my children, would I pay $50 for it though? Probably not.  

Honestly there is no good substitute for good parental supervision while children are using the internet. Our childrens minds and souls are far too important to trust with any filtering program.

PG Key  can be purchased here for $49.99

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