Monday, October 11, 2010

Talking Fingers Read, Write and Type

We have been reviewing an online program from Talking Fingers called Read,Write & Type. I have searched high and low for an appropriate typing program for my younger children that isn't hosted by a yellow sponge wearing square pants for years now to no avail. They are all either too hard, too boring or too expensive. Well let me tell you my search is over. This program is neither hard, boring or expensive.

This program combines typing, writing/spelling and phonetics in a visually intriguing way that leaves my kids begging to play. It has a great story line that engages the kids and moves at a pace that is slow enough for my younger children but fast enough that my older kids don't complain. It does move to a higher level somewhat quickly but my younger children will be happy to restart the program and go back to the beginning so I don't think that will be a problem ( they haven't gotten past where they can go yet but my older ones have :) )

The program is based on a story line where Righty and Lefty ( your right and left hand ;) ) work with your student to save all the letters from Vector the Villain. They go through each letter learning how to type it correctly, practice typing it, work on it's phonetics and listen to a story told by the letter. After they learn all the letters they move into more spelling/reading typing practice.  

The only real down side I see to this problem is depending on your child's diligence you may have to stay right by them to keep them from typing like this....

I have a couple that will hunt and peck if I don't watch and a couple that won't stray from the "proper" way no matter what ( even if it means doing redundant work they already know because it sayyyss to lol). For the record homeschooling Mom's to six children do not have time to dust ;)

All in all I think it's an engaging program great for the younger elementary, older preschool crew. I know we will continue to use this as our only typing program.

I also think this program is priced very well. It is $35.00 for one user, $55.00 for 2 users, $70 for 3 users, $85 for 4 users, or $100 for 5 users for a home license with a 5 year subscription.I for one think 5 years would be plenty of time for all of my children to complete the program so I would only have to purchase the subscription once. $100 for all 5 kids to learn to type well is a ok with me :)

To purchase this program visit the website here

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I received no compensation for this review other than a free subscription to their program for the purpose of reviewing it.

Just an interesting side note... while I was typing this my 2 Kindergartners were looking over my shoulder at the pictures BEGGING me to play the "finger game"

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  1. Angel, Great review! Mine would do their own thing too... My youngest has a hybrid hunt and peck/do it his own way version of typing that is surprisingly fast. I keep trying to get him to hold his hands the right way. :-)

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