Monday, November 29, 2010

Nanuq: A Baby Polar Bear's Story **TOS REVIEW**

We were given the opportunity to review a book from My Animal Family through the TOS Crew.
We received the book NANUQ A Baby Polar Bear's Story.

For $12.99 You receive the Book, An educational DVD about Polar Bears that contains a story about the characters in the book and a code to use online to play a little game relating to the story here.

From the Website..

Nanuq, the baby polar bear, lives far up north in the frozen Arctic. Nanuq's brother, Suka, loves to race and wrestle, even when they should be learning how to find food and water. When danger comes close, Nanuq's courage saves Suka from harm.
The My Animal Family program was created by a team of people who care about children and animals. We want to help kids learn about themselves, about animals and their families and their world. Each My Animal Family package contains the following items:
  1. A beautifully illustrated book. Our beautifully illustrated books are written with care. Each story is about the realistic adventures of a wild baby animal and is an accurate portrait based on current behavioral research. Every story give families opportunities to talk to their children about home, life, family—and animals.
  2. A live-action animal DVD. Every book includes a live action DVD that features award-winning BBC wildlife video footage. Carefully edited for young children, the footage gives them a glimpse into the reality of each baby animal’s life. Kids learn about the cooperation that helps animal families survive and thrive, and about the habitats where they live.
  3. The Activity Website. The My Animal Family creative team includes game and website designers too. We have built a safe, fun place for kids to play ”animal” activities online. On this website, children will find their favorite animal friends in their native habitats. Whether it is in the artic snow, tropical forests, oceans, or deserts, the games and activities help young children get ready for school and keep beginning readers happy and busy.
  4. The Official Club Membership Card. This card carries a “secret passcode” that allows members to register their books online and have access to the activity website.
The creative team at Smart Kids Publishing has worked hard to make the MAF Kids Club experience friendly, fun, interesting and safe for your family.

Our experience: 
We enjoyed the book. The story was entertaining and educational and the illustrations were well done. They have looked at it several times and wanted it to be read to them multiple times. The kids and I enjoyed the book enough that it will be read often.

The kids really loved the DVD. There's a lot to see and learn from it. They all sat and watched it and enjoyed it from Anna (2) all the way up to Peyton (9)

The online game ... It was a little hard to register and figure out what to do, then it was a bit tedious to get enough points to buy anything. Despite those facts my 9yo has still asked to play it several times. I think you need to have a slightly older child for them to enjoy the online experience. This is nice if you have several children. The book is a little younger while the Online experience is older and the DVD works for all ages. 

All in all I think this would be a nice gift for someone to send. It's more than just a book while being inexpensive and easy to ship. Also as a homeschooling Mom I'm always a fan of educational!

You can go here to see my other crew-mates reviews of this book.

I received no compensation for this review other than a free copy of the book.

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