Thursday, December 2, 2010

Master Ruler ** TOS Review**

We were given the opportunity to review the Master Ruler from Master Innovations through the TOS Crew.

From their site...

The Master Ruler is SEVERAL rulers in one!  The only ruler of its kind that makes learning to measure easy and fun!  Available in standard, metric and a special teacher's model that is designed for use with overhead projectors.
Instantly understand the lines on a ruler - no more confusion or guessing! 
Separate layers for each fraction of measurement.

Each fraction has its own color and index tab for easy identification and separation. 
Ideal for learning equivalent fractions, scale drawings, area, perimeter, and various map skills.
Learn to measure each fraction of measurement by using its own layer.

We received the Master Ruler  Standard $9.95, The Master Ruler Metric $9.95,  the Master Ruler Workbook $15.95, and the Marvels of Measures Poster $10.00.

I must say not only are these rulers useful they are really cool! I like educational tools so these rulers immediately appealed to the office supply junky in me!! After calmly telling (fighting to the death with) my 14 year old son that no he could NOT steal them for himself, I reluctantly let my younger children look at them ( while supervising so they couldn't steal them.... the love of office supplies is apparently hereditary.)  It was neat to watch the connections being made in their brains as to what equals what in measurements. I love these rulers because the kids can easily just use one layer which removes all the confusion of which line is which or look with all the layers to see easily how they correspond.

Perhaps my favorite part was the poster. I know that sounds silly but I am constantly looking up measurements in the kitchen. I love that it tells us how many cups per gallon, oz per lb etc. I placed it in the kitchen so we can convert measurements while cooking in a glance.

I think these products are truly useful and fun innovations for any age.

To see what the other members of the Crew thought visit the blog here.

The only compensation I received for this review was the products listed in order to review them.

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