Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Math Facts Now! **TOS REVIEW**

I received a down-loadable copy of Math Facts Now to review through The Old Schoolhouse.

The Download was for a customizable math facts program. From the Website ...

Do you want your child to have instant recall of the math facts?
Look at how Math Facts NOW! helps you to reach that goal!
  • You choose which function and which specific numbers to drill (ie: multiplication tables, 8's).
  • You choose how many problems to be given in a specific session.
  • You choose how much time your child is to be given to complete a problem.
  • You choose how many times the child is to repeat problems that he/she made mistakes on or took too long on.
  • Math Facts NOW! remembers which problems your child is having difficulty with, and automatically presents them back to the child with greater frequency!
  • You choose to enter a reward for the completion of a lesson with no errors.
  • You choose to print a list of your child's weak areas.
Our Experience...
This program for us was basically flash cards without Mom having to do the drilling. My Daughter did OK with it, but was obviously not terribly happy to do it. My son would not stay focused on it no matter what. To be fair flash cards don't work well for them either.
If your kids enjoy using and learn well from flash cards, I think this program would be a great way to free up some of Mom's time and teach the children their facts. If your children do not learn well with flash cards this program may not be for you. Either way, at just $15.95 it's inexpensive enough you won't be out a lot of money if it isn't your cup of tea. If it is it's FAR less expensive than other math programs I've seen.  You can customize what problems they work on, therefore it would work for any child needing to work on facts from addition on up.

You can try it out for free or purchase the program here.

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I received no compensation for this review other than a free download of the program in return for my honest review.

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