Friday, April 8, 2011

Science Weekly ** TOS Review**

Science Weekly is a multi level monthly science newspaper targeted towards children in grades K-6. 
Each edition of the newspaper covers a different topic. There are six different levels available to meet your child's needs. Each level covers the same topic so you can use this with all of your children at once and teach them all the same thing at their individual levels. Your individual subscription includes a teachers guide that covers all of the levels on one convenient sheet.

You can view sample newspapers here and here. There are also five subjects available in their new interactive format here

 $19.95 per student for less than 20 subscriptions
 $4.95 per student for 20 subscriptions or more. 

One teachers guide comes with each set of 25 subscriptions.

Our Experience:

Our edition of Science Weekly was on composting. Composting was something I have always wanted to do but lacked the motivation to get started so I was excited to get this edition. We got one of each level on the subject so all of the kids had their own Science Weekly to look at and work on. I was even able to get my teen involved and enjoying it.
Each level shares age appropriate information on the subject and has activities for every child to complete. They also have experiments in every level starting at very simple to the more complex ones for your older child.

All of my children learned a lot from this and enjoyed the activity. When they were done with their Science Weekly they all went and found a container to use as a compost bin and have been diligently composting ever since..... when we remember. I'm sure our garden will thank us for our effort soon and thanks to Science Weekly we all know a lot more about composting and why it helps our garden. 

I would love to be able to subscribe to Science Weekly for my children. They really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Unfortunately at $19.99 a level I just cannot afford it. I would love to see an option available to coop the magazines possibly through your local homeschool coop. I plan on calling them on Monday to discuss this and see if it's a possibility. I will update this as soon as I know. For now we will be utilizing the seven different issues they have available for free on their website and hoping that we can become subscribers in the near future. 

To see what my crew-mates thought of Science Weekly visit the TOS Blog Here

I received one of each level of the Composting edition of Science Weekly in exchange for my honest review of their program. 

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