Saturday, April 9, 2011

Snow White.... better known as why I've been absent.

Our ballet studio that the kids dance at is doing a production of Snow White. All six kids will be dancing in it... and I am sewing a lot of the costumes!  Between rehearsals and costumes I have been quite consumed.
I am relieved to say though the end is in sight thanks to some fabulous friends and my wonderfully understanding and helpful family.

I was going to wait until professional picture day to post pics but I just can't wait so you're getting a sneak peak ;)

The Evil Queen

(there are 9 of these total)

Tree Nymphs
(12 of these) 

My little Bunny

There are also 4 Sunshines, 2 Soldiers, and some other random small projects that I don't have pictures of quite yet.

Want to see what my living room looks like in the midst of making 30 some odd costumes from scratch.......

 Thank Goodness I have such an understanding husband!

The show will be May 6th at the Bentonville High School and 7th at the Springdale High School.
If you would like to see the show please let me know. I will have tickets available soon for $10 per adult or $5 per child. It will truly be a fabulous show that you can enjoy even if you aren't related to any of the performers by blood!

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