Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Considering God's Creation ** TOS Review**

We were able to review a Science curriculum produced by Eagle's Wings called Considering God's Creation.
Considering God's Creation is a simple hands on approach to natural science for second to seventh graders.
This program contains 36 lessons that start with the basics of creation and go all the way to the creation of Man.
The topics covered are Creation, The Universe: Stars, Sun and Planets, The Earth, Non-Living Things: Rocks and Minerals, Weather, The Plant Kingdom, The Animal Kingdom, Animal Anatomy & Physiology, and Man: Made in God's Image.
Each lesson starts with a section entitled preparation. This section lets you the parent know what you will need to gather for the lesson. One of the great things about this program is everything is simple things you should already own. No need for fancy kits or special trips to the store.
Next is Vocabulary words for the lesson then an introduction to the lesson that relates the basic information that the children will be learning.
Next there is a song or poem to go with the lesson. The audio CD is included in the back of the teachers manual.
Then your child will complete a simple hands on Activity related to the lesson.
There is a section entitled bible reading which gives your child biblical reference to support the lesson being taught. Then they will complete their notebook pages for the lesson.
There are evolution stumpers included in each lesson to help reinforce your child's understanding that we were created by a higher being.
Review Questions follow so you can be sure that your child understood the concept.
Last is the Digging Deeper section with ideas on ways you can learn more.

Our Experience:
We really enjoyed this program. It is easy to use and a nice amount of information per subject. Not so much they get bored but enough so that they really feel they've learned a lot about the subject.
The notebook pages are done well and my kids really enjoy doing them. I really appreciate the fact that they teach the scientific information without a ton of biblical reference in that section, it stays mostly separated so that you can focus on one thing at a time.
I can say we will continue to use this program but I don't want to give up the program we are already using either. We will probably continue to use our main program and add this one as we want. My kids enjoy it and ask for it. I believe this will be our "we feel like doing extra science" or "we want to learn about something specific" program. Maybe even our "summer break is getting boring" science!
You can see samples of the program here.

Considering God's Creation includes the Teachers Manual, Audio CD and One Student Notebook. $29.95
Additional Student Workbooks are $13.95
They do allow photocopies within a family but the student notebook is so reasonably priced I honestly think it is probably cheaper to just buy the notebook.

To read my crew-mates reviews of this product visit the TOS Blog Here.

I received a free copy of Considering God's Creation in exchange for my honest review of the product.

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