Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Avery

Avery turned 5 this week. Sweet little baby Avery. Isn't a baby anymore. Sweet little girl Avery. 
Sometimes life isn't fair. Why can't we have babies and keep them as babies? Why do our sweet little babies have to grow up? 

The only thing that keeps me going through this is what a sweet little girl she is. No one loves me quite the way she does. She is such an adoring affectionate little girl. I hope she always stays this sweet. 

For her birthday she requested a Tangled party. Avery loves princesses and Rapunzel is her favorite at the moment. 

I found a tutorial online for making a tower cake here. I thought the kids wouldn't like the pecan rolls so decided to use cupcakes instead....

 Notice anything odd?? Yeah cupcakes... not a good idea. They crushed under their own weight. By the party the tower looked a bit like this....

The kids wanted to paint a tablecloth for Avery's party. I rolled out 2 strips of doctors table paper (thanks Renee) and taped them together then split it into 6 sections and let them have at it.

 Anna's Square





 and Weylin's

 I covered it in plastic and kept it there. I think it's so neat that they wanted to do that for her. We made a pretty purple sun banner.

We had plenty of good friends to share the day with us.

We even attempted to do flying lanterns although the wind had other plans.
Another day I suppose...

All in all we had a fabulous party.... until the end when the tornado warnings came and the party concluded with us and our guests huddled in the stairwell! Oh well every party can't be perfect.

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