Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 1 and 2 of Sewing Kids Clothes Week

So far I have just sewn one dress.... I'm sick so I can use that as an excuse for my lack of productivity right?? It is one pretty dress though... wanna see?

Farbenmix Elodie
I made the version with pleated sleeves and an underskirt trimmed with ruffled tulle. I need to tighten the neck elastic so it's not quite so low cut.

 I added some 3D butterflies to the top here... It's hard to see but I just cut out some butterflies and put them onto interfacing the sewed only the middle down.
 What you don't want modeling shots of Avery doing a plie?? I guess we've taken a lot of dance photos recently so she thinks I always want Ballet poses ;)

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  1. Angel, the dress is beautiful and I love photos of your darling Avery. I love the ballet pose! The tulle looks great. Sewing with tulle puts me in a mean mood. I don't do a very good job with it but yours looks really nice!


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