Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Monki See ** TOS Review**

From the website:
MonkiSee is a fun and entertaining collection of baby DVD's that expose babies to upbeat music, original poetry, lovable puppets and real world images.  The MonkiSee collection teaches your baby to identify their body parts, colors, shapes and more, all while learning to read.  TheMonki See series is rich in language and has been proven to increase your baby's vocabulary.  

The MonkiSee Baby DVD series is a fun way for your baby to learn necessary preschool skills such as color and shape recognition.  The concepts are introduced in a fun and interactive way.  Your baby will love to "monkey around" with the lovable Howie and Skip.  

    Each Monki See baby dvd volume introduces new concepts to your baby in a playful and entertaining way.  The MonkiSee collection is truly learning made fun.  You will be amazed at how much your baby learns in this enjoyable manner.  

    Guaranteed to be your baby's favorite series - the MonkiSee line of baby DVD's are products babies love and parents can feel good about.

Our Experience: We received the Baby's First Words video and the Know your Monkey book. The recommendation is to watch the DVD daily 5 days a week. We did not do that because honestly that is just more TV than we allow for our children. My daughter is 3 which is slightly over the recommended age for this dvd but she really enjoyed the movie. She asked to watch it several times and sang back the songs from it. She also enjoyed the book, which was basically a review of the movie. 
I would recommend these DVDs purely for occasional entertainment for your toddler. I would not however recommend them to "teach your baby to read" simply because I do not believe in trying to teach children that young to read. The movies are sweet and catchy and fun for the 2&3 year age group.

Monki See is available for purchase here
DVD's are $19.95 each
Books are $9.95 each

To see what my crewmates thought of this book visit the crew blog here
I received a free copy of the DVD and Book in exchange for my honest review of the product.

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