Monday, May 9, 2011

Kids Clothes Week Challenge!

This challenge came at the perfect time for me. I just finished all of the ballet stuff and 
it's getting warm enough that my kids REALLY need some new clothing! 
So the challenge works like this. You have to spend just 1 hour a day sewing 
clothing for your children. That's it one hour for one week. Easy enough right? If you're like me you will end up spending more once you get started. So far today I have just about finished a new dress for Avery. If I get it finished tonight I'll edit my post to add the picture.
I'm terribly sick so we'll see if I get that far or not. 
If you want to join in here's the link to the challenge.

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  1. Angel- You are sick?! Oh no! Hope you feel better soon, Sweetie! I cannot wait to see your new creations! Lori


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