Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beginning Sewing 101 :)

I am teaching a beginning sewing class at our homeschool coop and I wanted to share our classes with everyone. A lot of people have told me they want to learn to sew and I'm hoping this will help. I also wanted to give others ideas of how to teach a sewing class and share my experience because I didn't find a lot of free advice about teaching kids to sew online.

Basic Sewing Supplies
  • Sewing Machine
Thread to match your fabric
Extra Bobbins (these must be the proper kind to fit your machine)
Sewing Machine Needles- 2 packs ( Universal size 75 or something similar)
Hand Sewing Needles
Sewing Scissors ( these need to be for fabric only)
Small scissors for trimming thread
Non Sewing scissors for cutting patterns etc
Seam Ripper
Chalk for marking fabric
Bag to keep supplies in ( we will make this week 1)
Machine Oil (likely came with machine) 
Small brush for cleaning ( should have come with machine but a small paintbrush would work)
Screwdriver if your machine needs one
Measuring Tape (flexible)
Seam Gauge
Cloth or Magnetic Pin Cushion
Needle Threader
Safety Pins
  • Cleaning and taking care of your machine
    • Removing Lint with brush
    • Using Canned Air to clean your machine
    • Using Muslin to clean thread tension
    • Wipe the outside of the machine with a damp rag
    • Always unplug your machine when you are done using it
    • Cover your machine while storing it
    • Using new needles
    • Backstitching

  • Put a fresh needle in your machine ( or just take the used one out and replace it if it isn't ready for replacing) This will help familiarize you with the process of putting in and taking out the needle.
  • Wind Your Bobbin

  • Thread Your Machine

  • Practice sewing on the lines of the paper.
  • Lets get started on making a bag for our sewing supplies

First thing make sure your fabric is washed and ironed. You will need one fat quarter of woven fabric.
A fat quarter is 19x21

                                                                             Side 1
Side 4      Side 2
                                                                      Side 3

Fold Side 1 and Side3 in an inch ( measure this with your seam gauge) and press the seam down.

Sew down this seam with a zig zag stitch
Your zig zag stitch should look something like this
Try to sew so that the zig zag goes over the raw edge of your fabric like this

It should now look like this ( you are looking at the wrong side of the fabric)

Now you will need to sew velcro on the sides that you just seamed. Sew 6 1 inch squares (all either soft or prickly) on side 1 then fold your fabric in half to mark where they need to go on side 3. Now sew the 6 counterparts where you have marked on side 3.

Now fold side 1 to side 3 right sides of the fabric together. Put a folded3inch piece of 1.4 inch elastic in side 2 about here 

of your folded fabric. This will make your pocket.

 Turn your pouch right side out.
Measure and mark a straight line through the middle of your pocket to divide it into 2 sections. Sew on your line.

 Your pouch should now have 2 pockets and an elastic loop hanging off the side.

Fold your pouch side 2 to side 4. Get a large button and mark where it needs to be on side 4 for your elastic to loop over it. Hand sew the button on.

Now you have a nice compact but roomy pouch to keep your sewing supplies in!

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  1. Wonderful tutorial, Angel! I may even attempt this- if I get brave.:) Lori


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