Sunday, April 15, 2012

The quickest simplest pillowcase ever....

OK this week we are going to make a pillowcase. My kids did this last week and they all did a fabulous job! First you are going to get a yard of fabric, I like flannel because it's oh so soft!

A note on fabric there are 2 different types of "edges" if you will on your fabric. The 2 edges that the fabric cutter cut and the 2 selvedges that were "cut" at the factory.

You can see here the edge on the left is the selvedge and the top edge is the cut edge.

The first step here is to fold down and pin your top cut edge approximately 4 inches. If you have a serger you can serge the top edge first if you don't it's ok we will zig zag over the edge to prevent fraying.

Now choose a zig zag stitch and line up your edge so it is in the middle of your presser foot so that your zig zag stitch goes on then off your fabric edge. This will prevent fraying. Don't forget to backstitch at the beginning and end of your sewing.
April 2012 013

Next you are going to fold and pin your fabric selvedge to selvedge RIGHT SIDES together. like so April 2012 014

Now starting at the top sew with a straight stitch removing pins before you come to them. You don't want to sew over pins they can break and it can hurt. April 2012 015

Sew just about all the way to the edge of that side and stop but do not move anything.
April 2012 016
Now make sure you needle is down and going through the fabric then lift your presser foot.
April 2012 017
Turn your fabric so that you are now ready to sew the bottom side while leaving the needle in the down position.
April 2012 018
Put your presser foot down and sew your bottom seam backstitching at the end.
April 2012 019
Now trim your threads and turn your pillowcase right side out.... voila! You have made a pillowcase!
April 2012 020

Sweet Dreams.

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  1. Good tutorial. I love that you told people to trim the threads :)


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