Friday, October 8, 2010

Digital Frog Field Trip Series

I was given the opportunity to review a truly amazing program called The Digital Field Trip Series.

Let me start by saying this program is truly one of a kind. How many of us every get the opportunity to take our children to a rain forest? How about a Desert? The Wetlands? Yeah me neither.....
  With this program though your kids can explore any of these places. They can go to the rain forest, wander around, look at what interests them, learn how it works, see the animals and so much more! So much in fact we have barely scratched the surface of the field trips.
We haven't had the time yet to formally study the 3 field trips but my kids have truly loved going through them in their spare time. They have actually fought over who's turn it is to navigate through the field trip and who gets to decide where they go.
I actually had to threaten my son with going to bed hungry to get him to get off of it and eat dinner before bed! This says a lot for a 9 year old boy who would typically rather play the Wii than do anything that even smells remotely educational. I'm actually hesitant to schedule it lest he knows he's LEARNING ;).

This program is available for just $125 at the Digital Frog Website Here. If your like me you think JUST $125 BUT if you stop and think about it, chances are you couldn't feed your family for one day on vacation for $125 let alone go anywhere.
You can also purchase the Field trips separately for $60 each instead of the bundle of three field trips.

If your children are interested in animals, different ecosystems or just like going on field trips I would highly recommend this program for anyone who can read or has a parent willing to read for them!

The only real con I see in the program is there is a LOT of reading. I wish there was an option to have the text read aloud, it's a bit daunting for my 7 and 9yo to read it all and they tend to skip a lot rather than read it all.

To learn more about this program visit the Digital Frog Website at

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The only compensation I received for this review was a free copy of the Digital Field Trips.

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  1. Angel you have a way with words, I want to try everything you have reviewed!


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