Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sharing a little Sewing :)

I try not to blog constantly about sewing but sometimes it just can't be helped :) Every once in a while I like to do a big post with all of the things I've made recently :)

A Hoodie for Peyton

July 2010 004

July 2010 008

T-Shirt for Peyton

July 2010 010

Hoodie for Amelia which I take NO responsibility for the colors of... entirely her design ;).

July 2010 015

Horse shirt for Amelia

July 2010 002

Ballet Set for Avery

August 2010 007

Set for Amelia ( it really does match in person)

September 2010 003

Skirt for Audrey

September 2010 014

September 2010 013
September 2010 007

Dress for Annabelle

September 2010 002

September 2010 007

Horse Tunic and Leggings for Avery

October 2010 002

She fell off the stool onto the tile floor.... unfortunately her chin caught her :(

October 2010 005

Birdy Tunic for Anna

October 2010 012

Matching Tunics for Amelia and Lindi

October 2010 001

Heart Tunic and leggings for Audrey 

October 2010 005

Cutenesses all together

October 2010 006

Comfy striped shirt and loungy french terry pants for Amelia (excuse her enthusiasm she was sick)

October 2010 005

Cross top and comfy pants for Audrey ... no one can take a picture with Anna around unless she's in it by the way.

October 2010 006

Fun dotty corduroy jumper for Audrey, I made leggings that match as well but it was too hot that day for them

October 2010 001

Whew that was a lot more than I thought it was going to be.... honestly there's probably even more that I forgot to take a picture of. 


  1. You really are SO talented! I can't even comprehend such a talent! :)

  2. what adorable things!! Great sewing! Poor Avery's chin :(
    I'm also impressed with your super clean wood floor.

  3. I love them all! My dd would fall over if she saw the horse shirts. She is obssessed and in fact that is what I am sewing up for her halloween costume. ;)

    Don't you love sewing!?

    PS I agree with the other comments, you are talented!

  4. Those are terrific! I only recently learned how to sew and have only made several play costumes for the kids, a robe, and a skirt.

    Do you find you can make them cheaper than buying on sale? Makes me want to get my stuff out and sew....

    I am from the Crew and just realized I was not following you... I am now.
    : )

  5. By the way- how do you have time to sew????

  6. Great job! Do you follow patterns?

  7. Thank you for your kind comments.
    Kerilee I do mostly use patterns although I tend to stick to Euro patterns as most US patterns don't fit very well.
    Denise, I'm really not sure I have quite the fabric stash so I'm sure I am not saving any money, I mostly sew for pleasure and sanity ;)


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